Your Fall Skin-Care With Origins

Fall is already here, and that means we have to treat our skin that got tired from the hot summer 😌


Best Skin Care Products – Origins GinZing

Guys, this student life is rough. Days pass in rush and nights pass without a sleep 😄


Combray Regenerating Facial Oil

If I would say to you that, I know a product that has only 2 ingredients but will make you not want to have a botox anymore, would you believe me?


Look of the Summer


Vintage-inspired – Polka Dots

Polka dots are one the most versatile patterns to wear.

Spring Lookbok


Must Have Clothes for Summer


There is No Wrong Season To Wear a JORD!

I have a surprise for you all 😉

street style

What is Street Fashion?

Instead of having been styled by models on Parisian runways and designers standing in front of boards of directors, street fashion is said to have emerged from the streets.

How To Wear Trench Coat With Jord Watch

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