Fall is already here, and that means we have to treat our skin that got tired from the hot summer ?And when it comes to beauty, I think you already correctly guessed that my first choice going to be Origins.

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask helps you to clear and shrink pores. Thanks to its very light cream content, it applies very easily to the skin and most importantly does not irritate your skin, so there won’t be any redness as well. You would have great results if you use it after the hot showers or after the facial steam baths, 2 times a week. Its deep cleaning properties get to work in just 10-15 minutes, so you won’t need to wait any longer. To wash it off you gonna need a beauty sponge. At least that’s how I’m doing. It washes off easily, so I’m cleaning the mask with the wet sponge gently.

After the mask, you need to moisturize your face. If it’s a daytime, I’m using Origins Ginzing after the mask, but at nights I prefer Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins.

As I already mentioned cream really light and easily gets absorbed into the skin. After the quick night treatment procedure, thanks to the mask’s rich mineral ingredients and C, E, H vitamins, you’ll meet new day with clean, fresh and flawless skin. If you want that your skin feels decongested and look perfectly pure, then most definitely you should try it.